Sunday,   June   11,   2017

Graduation  Recognition

On  Sunday,   June  11,  2017,  the  2nd   Mt.   Zion   Family   will   celebrate   the   success   of   all   of   the   members   who   have   graduated   from   High   School,   college,   or   the   university   level   during   the   2016-2017   school  year.   You   must   present   the   original   diploma   or   degree   that   you   received   to   Dea.   Culbreath.    He   will   make   a   copy   and   give   the   original   back   to   you.

Please   turn   the   diploma   or   degree   in   by   June   4,   2017.    Please   meet   Dea.   Culbreath   in   the   front   lobby   with   your   cap   and   gown   by   9:45   a.m.   on   Sunday,   June   11,   2017.    Also,   e-mail   a   brief   biographical   sketch   and   a   photo   of   yourself   to    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .    Biographical   sketch   should   be   no   more   than   a   half   page   in   length.   Photo   must   be   clear   and   in   focus.   It  can   be   formal   or   casual.

Report   Card   Recognition

On   Sunday,   June   11,   2017,   we   will   read   out   the   results   of   report   cards   for   all   students   in   grades   K12.    Please   place   a   copy   of   your   report   card   in   Dea.   Culbreath’s   box   by   Friday,   June   9,   2017.    Also,   please   include   a   copy   of   honors   and   awards   received   during   the   2016-2017   school   year.    Thank   you.

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